Friday, August 8, 2008

Shanahan Wants To Stay a Ranger, Rangers Want Shanahan Out

We've seen some great moments from Brendan Shanahan over his two seasons. His 600th goal, or his wrist shots in the shootout that beat a goalie who knew it was coming, or any of his 108 points in his 2 year stint with New York. Reports have said that Shanahan want to play with in New York. I would want to stay in a city aswell if i had just bought an expensive apartment and moved my family in. Still though, as we inch closer and closer to the start of training camp, the 39 year old winger remains a free agent. It's getting late in the day for him, and he needs to make up his mind now because the Rangers are no longer an option. We have our roster set as far as I'm concerned, and there are also other fowards like Orr, Jamtin, Voros, Moore, Korpikoski and Anisimov who are all competing for spots. Shanahan simply doesn't fit in with the team anymore. With some of the moves the Rangers made, it is clear, they are trying to become a faster team. While yes, Shanahan has put up pretty good numbers in his time here, it still does not equal what you would expect from one of the best players to ever play the game. His 46 points last year represented an end of Shanahan with the Rangers. His body is getting broken, and he's showing the wear and tear that most 39 year olds show after playing 20 years in the NHL. When a player of his age just needs a few games off, as we saw earlier in the year, it's time to move on, or atleast from here. If Shanahan still feels he can play, and really contribute to his team, that's fine. His leadership alone might be worth a contract. We all love Shanahan, and are proud that he was able to do what he's done here, but Shanahan will no longer be a Ranger, and I think he's got to realize it. So what are his options. Well, he wants to stay in New York, so I guess he has two options. The Islanders or the Devils. He wants to win a cup, so that just might eliminate both options, but it would definetly eliminate the Islanders. So, does he return to the Devils, where he started his career? I'm sure New Jersey would love to have him. Their Offense has struggled, and they need all the goals they can get, even from an aging slow skater like Shanahan. Either way, unless the Rangers make some moves to free up roster spots(which apparently would be making room for Sundin first), Shanahan will not be wearing a Rangers jersey next year. Best of luck Shanny, no matter where you sign, weather it's with the Devils, Islanders or anyone else, you will still be one of my favorite players.

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