Friday, August 1, 2008

NYR in Review

Welcome to NYR in review. Before I start writing, i would like to tell you all a little bit about myself, and how the blog will work. My name is Jason Klau, and I am from New York City. I used to play defense, but now, i have started to coach the mites division (6-8 year olds) of my former team. I am 17 years old, but have been watching hockey, specifically the Rangers, as long as i can remember. This is the first post of the blog. While this blog is about the New York Rangers, i will also add my opinions about all the news in the NHL aswell. I will start each post with opinions about the latest about the New York Rangers, and wrap it up by offering my opinions on all the news in the NHL. If nothing is going on in the world of the Rangers (offseason is torture) then i will gladly just talk about all the news around the league. I will add new entires whenever I can. I won't have a set schedule of when I update it, but i hope to get in as much as possible. I hope to keep this blog going as long as possible, and I hope you all enjoy reading.

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