Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's Only Avery Being Avery

Many Ranger fans are having this new feeling, something they have never felt before. It is the negative voice of Sean Avery. In his press conference in dallas today, Avery had this to say. "This is a better team that I'm coming to then the one i formerly played for." True or not, it certainly, but shockingly, has been taken as a low blow by most ranger fans. It's something we didn't expect to hear from our former favorite player. All he has ever talked about was how great the city was and how much he loved the team and the fans. Most might look at his comments and call him a phony. But wake up people, you know you all loved it everytime he said way worse things in the media. We all defended his words when he called Broduer a "big whiner" and when he then proceeded to knock him over. We all laughed when he made it necessary to put in the "Avery rule" and cheered when he scored on the same play. Antics like these are nothing new for him, and we all know it. You may say we got a taste of our own medicine. You may also say we had it coming when we(Sather) didn't offer him enough money to stay(Although it was way to much and I dont blame him). Either way, we all know we loved it when he talked, every day he played for us. We all begged him to stay because many thought of him as the heart and soul of our team. Now that he's off to a new city, he's playing to his new fanbase. One, that like us, hated him before he wore our jersey, and loved him when he was on the good guys.

He was even invited to throw out the first pitch for the Texas Rangers before their game with the New York Yankees(I'm guessing pure coincidence)on the same day as his press conference. He's being welcomed in his new surroundings, and he's enjoying himself. He's starting to lay the tracks of a bond with the fans, the same bond he had with all of us. It got us all excited when he went over the line, and the same applies to the fans of Dallas. Avery has moved on, and it's time for us all to do the same. No hard feelings Sean, and best of luck with the Dallas Stars.

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