Saturday, August 9, 2008

Around The NHL

The offseason is torture for any hockey fan. I am a fan of some other sports, but I'm a die hard in hockey. It's great to see the jets land Favre, but it didnt give me the week long excitement (I should say week long high) that I got when the rangers traded for Jagr. So with the minimal amount of news out there, I think it's time for an Around The NHL segment.

The Sabres re-sign Teppo Numminen to a 1 year 1.1 million dollar deal. It's a great signing, now that he's been cleared to play. They definetly owed him one after the way they treated him last year. He reported to camp and found that he needed heart surgery, so they suspended him without pay. Although he filed a grievance with the team, they reached an agreement. Numminen wanted to be back, and the 40 year old defenseman got what he wanted. Numminen has put together a pretty impressive career. He came in to the NHL in 1988 with Winnipeg, and stayed with the organization through the 02-03 season, after they had relocated to Phoenix. He would then play 03-04 with the Dallas Stars and since then has been with the Sabres.

Sean Hill, aka Buzz Lightyear has signed a one year deal with Biel of the Swiss league. A 38 year old veteran of 876 regular season games, Hill was drafted by the Montreal Canadiens and was part of the 1993 cup team. He would also play for Ottawa, Ahaheim, St. Louis, Florida, NY Islanders, finishing with the Minnesota Wild. Hill served a 20 game suspension for a positive test for performance enhancing drugs, the first, and only positive in the NHL.

That's about it for today, nothing really important happening in hockey, let alone the Rangers. The Bejing Olympics (USA! USA! USA!) might get everyone to stop talking about Brett Favre, while they try to breakdown sports they have never seen before. That's all for today, check back for what we all hope will be more updates.

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